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How to make New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep

by MamaVita

Here’s the step you’re probably missing.

It’s nearly the end of the shitshow that was 2020 (Hallelujah!) and chances are, you’re probably thinking ahead to your New Year’s resolutions already. 2021 is going to be your year, right? The one where you smash your fitness goals, eat healthier, and maybe even launch that business you keep dreaming up.

If so, you’re in good company. Studies show that 60% of us make New Year’s resolutions each year.

But here’s the kicker: only about 8%of us actually achieve them.

How many times have you decided to start the year with a fresh slate… and then ended up procrastinating (hello, Facebook or Netflix) before they even got off the ground? 

Or maybe you did get started, going guns blazing with a new exercise regime or commitment to daily meditation… until a few days later, when your burning drive somehow got totally extinguished?

Shit – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Hands up if you can relate to this common scenario. (Don’t worry, mine’s up with you). 

Now, put your other hand up if you want to make healthy changes to your habits and routines that actually last.

Awesome – keep reading.

In the past two decades, I’ve observed the recurring phenomenon closely in my clients. While most of us know what kind of habits will make us healthier and happier, we struggle to implement or maintain them. Something’s missing – that spark to give us the extra drive and motivation we need to follow through.

Since being a mum to my little Xander, I’ve noticed something else – committing to healthy routines is even harder for mums.

So what gives?

Why is so hard for mums? What are we doing wrong? As I battled through my motherhood journey, I started to observe my own patterns as well as the patterns of my mum friends around me.

Then it hit me! 

We are missing one key element in this process that provides us with the meaning and drive behind what we do. Basically, instead of approaching our process from the start, we’re kind of starting from the middle. This is where the Mamavita Mission (MM) was born: rewire your mind, reset your habits, rebuild your life and repeat the process.

So what aren’t we doing?

It doesn’t matter how many resources you have or how much you think you want something. If your mindset is not where it should be, you simply can’t muster up the drive to introduce or maintain healthy routines. That’s why rewiring your mind – the step most of us skip – is the crucial step to making healthy changes that stick.

Basically, rewiring your brain means creating a bond between your conscious mind – the one that knows the healthy habit is good for you – and your subconscious – which needs to connect with the purpose of this habit on a deeper level. The new behaviour you want to establish shouldn’t just sound like a nice idea; it has to be meaningful to you. This is the only way to make sustainable changes.

Have you ever started something because you read about its benefits or your friends were raving about it – think a raw food diet or CrossFit – but it just didn’t feel right for you? Then you know what I’m talking about.

As mothers, we are so busy and spend so little time in self-reflection, it’s even more difficult for us to make this connection.

So what do we need to do?

Reading and researching is a great start. But it simply won’t give you the drive to act.

So the next step is to actively connect with your subconscious mind through some deep thinking – either with the help of coaching resources and toolboxes or by doing some one-on-one coaching. This crucial step will help you to link your intentions with a readiness mindset that will help you make a plan and to execute it. Without this step there is no plan to work towards. 

Okay, what next?

Once we’ve rewired our minds by connecting the conscious to the subconscious, we’ve downloaded the software that will help us make sustainable changes to our lives and we can reset our habits.

Think of it like this: your conscious mind is the boat and your subconscious is the captain. You might consciously think about drinking some extra water or doing a ten-minute meditation (because we all know it’s good for us), but when you actually do it, that’s your subconscious steering the ship.

Now we can really make some magic happen…

Rebuilding your life represents putting the first and second step together. Change your mindset, choose new behaviours, and create a mission for your life. What is the bigger picture that you are trying to achieve? Where do you want your mindset and your new rituals to take you? What impact will it have on your physical health, mental health and life?

Here, you are creating a vision and turning it into a mission.

And there’s one more step…

We tend to forget about the last step – monitoring and evaluating your new life. Like any project, we need to modify and adjust as we go. To do this you need to get in tune with yourself, reading the signs of your body and mind. As soon as you notice something out of alignment, take your time to think about what is happening and what you want instead. Then start the process over. 

Think about the massive transformation that happens when we become mums. Our lives change – and our vision needs to too.

Follow this process and you’ll make sustainable and meaningful changes in your life, adjusting the course as needed. You’ll gain empowerment over your life, reduce your reliance on external resources, and tune in with your higher self which will help you to make authentic decisions and overcome overwhelm and mummy guilt. 

Sounds pretty good, huh? If you’re ready to overhaul your mummy mindset and actually make good on your New Year’s Resolutions, book your one-on-one coaching spot now. There’s limited spots left for the year!

X Ali

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