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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle in motherhood?

by MamaVita
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Stop feeling like you aren’t enough and incapable of being healthy and active again.

What mum doesn’t find achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in motherhood challenging.

Do you feel that:

  • Finding time to give to yourself (while giving so much to the others around you) seems almost impossible.
  • Having accountability for yourself and your needs in motherhood is exhausting (while being accountable for the well-being of the others around you)?

Use this five-step guide to create meaningful and sustainable health and well-being change in your life.

  1. Start from scratch. Your PAST POSSIBLITIES aren’t your CURRENT OPTIONS. Create new healthy routines that are ACHIEVABLE and AUTHENTIC to your current situation – MOTHERHOOD.

2. Set achievable goals that are SIMPLE, SHORT-TERM and SELF-MADE. COMPLEX and LONG-TERM goals that require HELP from OTHERS are NOT achievable in MOTHERHOOD (at least not at the start of this journey).

3. Be persistent, but stay flexible. Stick to WHAT you do (in your health ROUTINE), but change HOW you do/achieve it. Continue with your routine but change the variables as needed (when you do it? How long for? Where? Etc. 

4. Build internal support (stop relying on and evaluating your external support). If you don’t have time for health, YOU CREATE it yourself. If you don’t have support in your family, YOU SUPPORT yourself. Your SUCCESS of having a healthy lifestyle depends on the INTERNAL support that comes from WITHIN, not from others. 

5. Constantly reevaluate your new routine – identify what’s not working, what’s working well and what could work better. Evaluation helps you make your health routine SUSTAINABLE and EFFORT-LESS!

Remember, having an accountability buddy increases your chances of achieving your goals to 6 in 10 – and it goes up to 9 in 10 if you have a regular meeting with your buddy.

If you don’t know where to start, why don’t you join my FREE Facebook Group, The Healthy Mummy Accountability Support Tribe, where you learn lots of strategies and tools to increase your accountability. You will also have an opportunity to find an accountability buddy in my program.

Are you ready for some awesomeness? 

xoxo Ali

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