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A guide to choosing a personal trainer that actually CARES!

Do you find it hard to make decisions around choosing the right gym and trainer for yourself? I would like to share my experience with all you mums in helping you to choose the right trainer for you, so you partner with someone who exceeds your expectations and your needs.

When choosing a trainer to work with look for someone who:


Shares their clients with other health professionals

Ask the trainer you are interested in hiring what other health professionals they cooperate with. If their answer is none, or they give you a very vague answer, I recommend staying away from them. Basically, no one should claim they are a master of every trade, yet many people do, including trainers. If you choose a trainer that frequently ‘shares’ their clients with other professionals (naturopath, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, osteopaths, or any other), guaranteed your trainer’s main interest is you. Their service to you will be client centred, even if that means

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Weight management and training cheat sheet for a busy mama

Regardless of who you are or what you do, you still need to find motivation and make a plan to stay fit and healthy. Especially if your motivation has dropped down to zero due to being sleep deprived and due to not having any time for yourself. At the same time, you need it as much as ever – to energise yourself, strengthen and lengthen your body (after picking up and carrying your little one whole day along) as well as to give your confidence a little boost, so you feel lovely and attractive again: because you deserve it!

People tend to assume that just because I am a personal trainer, I naturally have plenty of time and motivation to exercise. People also tend to assume THIS if you are a stay at home mum – apparently, mums have a lot of spare time since their title is a stay-at-home-mum.

Sticking to a healthy diet and active lifestyle is challenging for every Mama. I have decided to create this quick and super simple weight management cheat sheet for busy Mamas during busy times and holidays. These strategies are my go-to strategies anytime I am busy or unmotivated.


Get some hot ass workout gear


Why is this effective? Firstly, you invest in something you want to do (feeling better and looking better is what we all dream about), and that helps you to be committed to doing it. Secondly, most of us exercise because we don’t like the way we look (and feel). You need to find workout gear that not only feels and looks good on you but also make you feel confident and sexy. And here it is again – gives you that that right mindset that comes with an extra