A guide to choosing a personal trainer that actually CARES!

Do you find it hard to make decisions around choosing the right gym and trainer for yourself? I would like to share my experience with all you mums in helping you to choose the right trainer for you, so you partner with someone who exceeds your expectations and your needs.

When choosing a trainer to work with look for someone who:

Shares their clients with other health professionals

Ask the trainer you are interested in hiring what other health professionals they cooperate with. If their answer is none, or they give you a very vague answer, I recommend staying away from them. Basically, no one should claim they are a master of every trade, yet many people do, including trainers. If you choose a trainer that frequently ‘shares’ their clients with other professionals (naturopath, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, osteopaths, or any other), guaranteed your trainer’s main interest is you. Their service to you will be client centred, even if that means that you need to put your training with them on hold if any health issues come up (as they often do). On the other hand, trainers who do not like to share their clients with other health professionals tend to focus mainly on their bank account.

Asks that Wow! question

Interview your trainer or at least have a quick chat with them. If they really have a genuine interest in helping you, they will ask you a question that you would never expect to be asked such as Did you have a natural birth? What are your current sleeping patterns? How regular are you? This shows that you aren’t just another number but a client that they care for and want to help to their best ability.

Is in a partnership rather than being your authority

Find a person that wants to support your ideas and is willing to listen to your mama challenges. You will need to have a quick chat with the trainer to know if they are ready to give commands or if they want to support you and guide you.

Looks and lives the way you want to

Too many trainers do not practice what they preach. If my clients ever had to leave my services and asked me for help to find a new trainer, my first suggestion is to choose someone who can look after their health well. Notice their glow, energy levels, posture, body composition, and read their profile to get to know what lifestyle they promote.

Asks you what your needs and hobbies are rather than sells you what they believe in

Every one of us has got hobbies that we like to do in our lives. So as personal trainers, hence all trainers have got their preferred style of training that they try to sell to their clients. It does not mean though that this style is the most suitable for you! Any trainer can meet the need of any client as long as they are ready to listen to their needs and wants.

You don’t need a trainer who knows everything. You just need someone ready to listen and stay flexible to meet your needs and demands of your Mama role. The righter the person, the greater chance you will want them to support you for as long as possible.